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Learn How To Shoot A Moving Target With A Rifle

  • This training helps makes the shooter a more rounded shot.

  • You will learn to place your shots on a moving target.

  • This is a necessary skill for self-defense.


Do you want to become confident in shooting a rifle at moving target? Call 817-919-7990 today.

The ability to shoot moving targets with a rifle makes the rifle shooter a more rounded shot. Being able to place your shots on a moving target, is a necessary skill for hunting or self defense. To understand how to lead or ambush your target is part of being a rifleman. A skilled rifleman can hit a moving animal with the first shot.


To be able to do this, we have to understand the principles of shooting moving targets. This class teaches you this. During this 3 Hour Rifle Class we will refresh your minds on the safety rules, proper loading and unloading of the firearm and fundamentals such as sight picture, sight alignment, grip, stance and trigger usage.


Instruction will then progress to the safe and efficient use of the rifle/safety with up/down drills. Next we will progress to shooting moving targets and shooting while we are moving. We will work on firearm manipulation skills in order to improve economy of motion and time. We strive to prepare the carbine or rifle owner with the necessary skills to be a well rounded, practical and safe firearm owner and user.


The course is 3 hours in length.


Public: $199   
Members: $140

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