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  • I’m not confident about shooting a gun.

  • How do I properly hold, aim, and shoot a gun?

  • How do I draw from a waistband holster?


Do you want to be confident in shooting a gun? Call 817-919-7990 today.

The class covers the safety rules, proper loading, and unloading of the firearm and fundamentals such as sight picture, sight alignment, grip, stance, and trigger usage. The instruction then progresses to the safe and efficient use of the holster for carrying the handgun, both concealed and unconcealed. Other items covered during the class include one-handed shooting, using both strong and weak hands while firing multiple shots at different target areas; shooting moving targets, and shooting while we are moving. This course is ideal for all age levels and skillsets, and most students have a great deal of fun along the way to learning new skills and enhancing current ones. The course is designed to teach and enhance safe gun handling skills as well as different tactics and exercises designed to develop muscle memory. Our belief is that if we properly prepare our students and instill self-confidence, most situations that might lead to the use of a firearm can be avoided.


The course requires 150 rounds of ammunition and is 4 hours in length.


Public: $200.00    
Members: $140.00

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