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  • How do I secure my spouse, friend, or family if a defensive situation takes place?

  • Can I shoot from different positions if I had too?

  • Can I shoot while laying down? Or from my side after being knocked to the ground?


Would you like to learn how to adapt with confidence and skill when situations arise? Call 817-919-7990 today.

This course, again, picks up where the Situational Pistol finished. We will continue building upon the skill sets learned. We begin with shooting on the move, emphasizing moving off the line of attack as well as the continual movement toward cover and/or leaving the danger area. The student will learn how to shoot at a moving target while he/she is on the move, all while seeking cover to hide behind or an exit strategy from the defensive situation. This class requires the ability to speed load as well as malfunction clearance and manipulation skills learned during previous courses. The topic of team shooting is addressed during this course, preparing students to work with a spouse or another person during a defensive situation. Students are then taught ground fighting tactics so that targets can be safely engaged from the ground. Students must be prepared for every scenario, including the possibility of being pushed or knocked to the ground during a defensive situation.


Students will fire 150 rounds of ammunition during this 4-hour class.

Prerequisite course: Situational Pistol


Public: $150.00    
Members: $105.00

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