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Do you want to be confident in shooting your rifle? Call 817-919-7990 today.

This 4 Hour Rifle Class covers the safety rules, proper loading, and unloading of the firearm and fundamentals such as sight picture, sight alignment, grip, stance, and trigger usage. The instruction then progresses to the safe and efficient use of the rifle/safety with up/down drills. Other items covered during the class include using both strong and weak sides while firing multiple shots at different target areas; shooting moving targets and shooting while we are moving. We then progress to reloads of the weapon, emphasizing both speed and tactical reloads. We work on firearm manipulation skills in order to improve the economy of motion and time.  Malfunction clearances are our next order of business, as it is imperative that in the case of our firearm running out of ammunition or in the event of a malfunction we can make our firearm functional again under stress. We then progress to shooting from behind cover while we are shooting at moving targets. These exercises are the best to prepare us for possible real-life defensive situations, and therefore we begin to build this skill set and emphasize repetition in future classes. If time permits, dependent on the speed and safety of class, we’ll work on modified shooting positions.  This may include, but not limited to shooting under cars and at the various positions utilized.

The course requires 150 rounds of ammunition and is 4 hours in length.

Public: $199.00
Members: $140.00

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