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So you have gone through the LTC course, and you are now aware of the legalities involved in carrying a concealed firearm, the laws justifying the use of deadly force, and you have shot 50 rounds into a B-27 target, achieving a score of 85% or higher.  You have had your fingerprints recorded, your photo taken, paid the fee, and shipped your documents off to Austin.  The day has finally arrived, and they have mailed you your LTC.  You are now legally allowed to carry a concealed handgun on your person.  So you strap on your holster, throw on a jacket and walk out to face the world.  And after about 10 minutes, the internal dialog starts.

  • Why is that person looking at me?  Do they know I have a gun?  Is it showing?  

  • I have to use the restroom.  How do I do that?  Where do I put my gun?  Should I take it out of the holster and hang it on the hook on the back of the stall door?  How do I keep everyone from seeing my holster on my belt?  

  • I need to go to the Post Office.  I can’t take my gun in there!  Where do I leave it?  How do I take it on and off without everyone seeing it?

  • Why didn’t they teach me any of this stuff in my LTC course?!?!?

In Proactive Defense’s Real License to Carry course, get the practical instruction that was left out of your LTC course:

  • The best holster for your gun: why comfort isn’t always the best option

  • How to carry a gun without looking like you are

  • How to use a public restroom without anyone seeing your gun

  • How to secure your gun in case you have to visit a place that does not allow them inside

  • The steps to follow that will keep you out of an armed confrontation

  • How to draw your gun from concealment

  • How to draw and reload your gun one-handed


In this course, we are assuming a certain level of proficiency.  It is expected that you will be able to safely draw and fire your pistol, and return to the holster in a safe manner, as well as be able to perform emergency/speed reloads and tactical reloads, as well as be able to clear malfunctions.  Proactive Defense Level 1 & 2, or an equivalent course from a reputable training school are course prerequisites.


Students will fire 150 rounds of ammunition during this 4-hour class.

Prerequisite course: Foundations Pistol & Situational Pistol


Public: $150.00    
Members: $105.00

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