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Texas Concealed Handgun License - CHL Class

The Texas Concealed Handgun Course consists of a knowledge based curriculum: safe handling and storage of firearms, places we can carry, use of deadly force, and more. The law requires a 50-round qualification course and a written test. The Texas CHL is a state required 4 hour course. The State has a license fee of $140.00, with reduced fees for veterans and seniors. You can fill out the required state paper work here: Texas DPS CHL Program. You will find an easy to use format that has your affidavits, application and information on obtaining fingerprints from L-1 communications.

The Proactive Defense CHL Class is usually taught in 2 nights, in 5 hour blocks, which is easier than taking 10 full hours in one day. We charge $125.00 for the original and $75.00 for a renewal. This class covers all required subject matter, the qualification and written test. We can supply a firearm at no charge, if you do not have one. We have ammunition available for purchase. There are no range fees associated with the qualification at our ranges. Passport photos can be obtained at Walgreens, CVS and some L-1 locations. Our classes are usually smaller in size, with more attention given to each student.

AR-15 Clinic

This 2-hour clinic is designed to give the new or experienced owner of the AR-15 safe gun handling skills and techniques for this platform. We will discuss optics and equipment that make the AR-15 an all-around rifle. We do have some loaner rifles available for those who do not currently own one. The cost for this clinic is $50. The first clinic will be conducted on Saturday, 06/18.

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Level 1 - Defensive Handgun

Level 1 Defensive Handgun is a 4 hour course teaching the safety rules as the apply to handguns, and the safe and efficient use of a holster. Weather permitting, we teach the concealed drawing procedure. We then practice drawing and shooting from the holster while discussing the fundamentals of marksmanship. That is grip, stance, compressed surprise trigger press, sight picture and sight alignment. From this we progress to loading and unloading safely and knowing the condition of your handgun. We also teach moving targets and shooting on the move. This class is designed for the CHL holder or new firearm owner. Price is 125.00 USD.

Level 2 - Defensive Handgun

Level 2 Defensive Handgun is 8 hour course broken into two 4 hour blocks. The 2a Class deals again with the holster use for fine tuning skills learned in level 1. Then we learn speed reloading, tactical reloading and malfunction clearances. We apply these new skills to our moving targets for practical application. During this course we generally teach two moving target systems.

The 2b Class involves the use of shooting behind and around cover. We discuss the cover vs. concealment problem, and show a number of methods of shooting from cover. This class combines the skills learned in 2a with more difficult positions. We shoot at several different moving targets during the class, emphasizing different methods. We continue to stress safe gun handling procedures while applying stress on the student.

Our goal, at Level 2, is to produce a gun handling method that is used at all times. At this level students are beginning to build the long term muscle memory needed for efficient and safe firearm handling. Cost is 300.00 USD unless a commitment is made to take the level 3 course, then the course is 250.00 USD.

Level 3 - Defensive Handgun

Level 3 Defensive Handgun is an 8 hour course designed to teach use of the holster and shooting on the move at moving targets. We use a number of moving targets and barricades for training during this course. The course culminates in shooting in low light conditions and darkness with no light and the use of flashlights for target illumination. Cost is 250.00 USD after taking level 2.


The Carbine course is a 4 hour course designed to help the shooter obtain skill at manipulation of the rifle in close and medium distance applications. We vary the course to teach something different each month. We explain the military BZO and shoot at varying distances and use the rifle jungle section for a search and precision shooting exercise while stressing movement with a loaded firearm with the safety engaged and finger off the trigger. Cost is 125.00 USD.

Women's Home and Vehicle Defense

Women’s Home and Vehicle Defense is a 4 hour course designed for furthering the training of people who have completed the level 1 training but do not wish to pursue concealed training. This course offers some position shooting and movement coupled with shooting. It also utilizes the jungle course for enhanced scenario training.

Hourly Instruction

We also offer training by the hour at a cost of 40.00/hour USD for singles and 60.00/hour USD for couples.

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